YASHRAJ Composite barrels have a double shell protection. The inner is a blow moulded plastic liner made from virgin high density polyethylene. This is surrounded by high quality cold rolled steel to provide unrivalled protection.

Composite barrels, in a capacity of 210 liters, are designed for packing dangerous and corrosive materials. These drums comply with UN regulations and Indian Institute of Packaging standards.

Two openings with 2" plastic closures are provided on the top lid of such barrels for filling and removal of contents. Vent holes or 3 /4" closure is provided on the bottom lid of barrels.

Electrical resistance seam welding of steel body shell , Triple seaming of top & bottom lids to the body shell, best quality plastic liners and the superior quality systems checks implemented throughout all phases of barrel manufacturing processes ensure the best performance of the products.

The chemically cleaned surface of steel barrel, special stoving enamel paints, high quality application of painting and paint baking give a cutting edge to YASHRAJ Composite barrels for excellent resistance to humidity, heat and sunlight.



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