YASHRAJ Close Top steel barrels with a capacity of 216.5 liter, which are ideal for liquids, complies with IS 1783 standard or other major international standards for steel barrels as per customer requirement. These barrels also comply with stringent UN regulations for packing non-dangerous and dangerous goods in the packing groups 1, 2 and 3.

YASHRAJ steel barrels are provided with rolling hoops and thinner gauge steel barrels are provided with extra corrugations for better mechanical strength.

Electrical resistance seam welding of body shell, Triple seaming of top & bottom lids to the body shell and the superior quality systems checks implemented throughout all phases of barrel manufacturing processes ensure the best performance of the products.

Two openings of 2" & ¾" provided on the barrel allow easy and convenient filling and removal of materials. Gaskets ( rubber / nylon / plastic) on closures are provided depending up on the application of barrels at customer end.

Barrels are available in various sizes ranging from 180 to 235 liters and thickness of steel ranges between 0.8 to 1.25 mm along with a customer specification of external decorative paint coating which is resistant to humidity, sunlight and heat.

barrels can be internally coated with a phenolic, epoxy-phenolic lacquer or a special coating in accordance with the customer requirement. Technical assistance is provided to customers to determine the suitable internal coating for their specific purpose. Different types of sealing compounds are used depending up on the compatibility of that compound with the product to be filled in the barrels while manufacturing barrels.

YASHRAJ offers special ISO barrels of 210 liter capacity For exporters, 80 of which can be stacked in one 20 foot freight container. G.I coated barrels are also supplied to customers for their specific purpose.



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